The Weeknd Lights up Fortnite’s Stage: Unveiling the Epic Fusion of Music and Gaming

Fortnite's Pioneering Festival Game Mode Takes Center Stage with The Weeknd's Virtual Concert Experience


Fortnite, in a groundbreaking move, has officially announced The Weeknd as the inaugural headlining act for its innovative Festival game mode.

In a recent press release, Fortnite Festival is introduced as the game’s first dedicated music-focused mode, breaking new ground in the realm of the immensely popular battle royale game. While Epic Games oversees the development of Fortnite, the Festival game mode is crafted by Harmonix, the studio renowned for creating the Rock Band video game franchise. Notably, in November 2021, Epic Games acquired Harmonix to enhance the development of unique Fortnite experiences.

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Described as a “new music game” in the press release, Fortnite Festival offers players the opportunity to form bands with friends or take the stage solo, performing alongside hit tracks from their favorite artists.

To complement the announcement, a captivating trailer has been unveiled, showcasing The Weeknd’s virtual presence through custom skins and featuring his chart-topping hit, ‘Take My Breath.’ Witness the fusion of gaming and music in the exciting preview below.

Fortnite Festival is due to launch exclusively in Fortnite on December 9.

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