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The Billie Eilish Opens Up About Olivia Rodrigo and the Complexities of Fame

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Billie Eilish discusses Music, Adulthood, and the Significance of Protection in the Industry

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, 21-year-old pop sensation Billie Eilish shared insights into her evolving career, personal growth, and the unique connection she feels with 20-year-old fellow pop idol, Olivia Rodrigo.

As Eilish embarks on her third studio album in her 20s, she reflects on the distinctiveness of this phase in her musical journey. Expressing amazement at the prospect of releasing music as an adult, she acknowledges the difference in perspective compared to her earlier teenage releases.

When questioned about her awareness of recent pop records, Eilish praised SZA’s “SOS” as “great” and described Rodrigo’s sophomore effort, “GUTS,” as “adorable.”

In an exclusive revelation, Eilish disclosed that the track “Goldwing” from her album “Happier Than Ever” was “kind of” inspired by Rodrigo. While clarifying that the song isn’t solely about Rodrigo, Eilish shared that she was thinking about her during the writing process, recalling Rodrigo’s rapid rise in the industry and the protective feelings it evoked.

Eilish explained, “Olivia was getting big, and she was just, like, this little dainty child. I felt so nervous. I was worried about her. She came up in that acting world, and people are so weird. I just felt very protective over her. I can just see myself in all these young girls. And it’s the girls, man. Boys can handle themselves. They’re dudes — they don’t have to deal with it like we do. I just want to hold everybody in a little glass box and never let anything touch them.”

The interview also delves into Eilish’s recent experience reading Kurt Cobain’s suicide note, where she expressed a deep sorrow for the late Nirvana singer. Drawing parallels between their experiences, Eilish highlighted the existential-crisis vibe that success can bring, emphasizing the challenges of navigating fame and the impact it has on personal well-being.

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