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Stefanie Joosten and Giorgio Moroder’s Electrifying Collaboration: ‘Tryouts For The Human Race’

Grammy and Academy Award Stars Unite in Stefanie's Upcoming Album 'Intermission' – A Snapshot of Tomorrow's Pop Music

Dutch actress and singer Stefanie Joosten, in collaboration with Grammy and Academy Award winning recording artist Giorgio Moroder, have released “Tryouts For The Human Race,” the first single from Stefanie’s upcoming album ‘Intermission‘ releasing worldwide on November 10, 2023. The single marks Giorgio’s first appearance as a featured artist since the release of Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ in 2013 before continuing to produce and write with artists like Duran Duran. Moroder previously collaborated with Joosten on her debut album ‘Singing To The Sky’ as an executive producer.

‘Tryouts For The Human Race’ is the first of two tracks on ‘Intermission,’ featuring the three-time Academy Award and four-time Grammy Award winning Italian producer-songwriter-composer Giorgio Moroder. The new single, available to listen to worldwide on your favorite streaming service, continues Stefanie’s journey as one of pop music’s hottest new talents. For her follow up album, Giorgio shifts his incredible talents from a behind-the-scenes role to joining Stefanie on the vocoder.

Giorgio Moroder

“Tryouts For The Human Race is a snapshot of tomorrow,” says Giorgio. “The collaboration with Stefanie was marvelous. Stefanie’s performance brings drama and beauty to the song.”

“Working on this song with Giorgio allowed me a place to dream and to express myself in a new genre,” says Joosten. “It allowed me to feel unrestrained and daring in a new setting where I am free to experiment with my music. It was a beautiful journey of exploration.”

‘Tryouts For The Human Race’ was recorded in May 2023 and is produced by Raney Shockne and Sergei Kolobashkin. The album is published by Revenge.


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