Roxy Music – Love Is The Drug | Tune of the Day

A Musical Masterpiece Blending Daring Pop with Sophisticated Elegance

Roxy Music’s 1975 hit, “Love Is The Drug,” from the album “Siren,” exemplifies the band’s avant-garde brilliance and enduring influence. Crafted by Bryan Ferry and guitarist Andy Mackay, the lyrics delve into romantic longing and the addictive nature of love.

Defined by a pulsating bassline and innovative saxophone, the song defies genre norms with its sophisticated sound. “Love Is The Drug” achieved commercial triumph, reaching Top 10 status in the UK and making waves on the Billboard Hot 100.

Beyond its chart success, the song’s iconic riff and Ferry’s vocals became pop culture fixtures, featured in films, TV shows, and commercials. Decades later, “Love Is The Drug” remains a Roxy Music classic, a testament to the band’s boundary-pushing artistry.

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