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Gossip Returns with ‘Crazy Again’ | New Single

The Gossip, the beloved pop/indie-rock trio, returns after 14 years of absence with their new album 'Real Power'.

“Crazy Again” is a pop song that “talks about being truly in love and feeling safe“, as stated by the frontwoman, Beth Ditto, and anticipates the reunion with the renowned producer Rick Rubin, who helmed the successful 2009 album “Music For Men.”

Prompted by Rubin, the band began recording the new album, “Real Power“, in 2019, after completing the tour for the tenth anniversary of “Music For Men”. Recorded in Rubin’s home studio in Kauai, the recording process was temporarily interrupted by the pandemic and resumed when restrictions were lifted. The result is a celebration composed of 11 tracks that capture the powerful force of music, the joy of creative expression, and the power of chosen family in the face of collective and personal traumas.

“Real Power” heralds a new maturity: “When we started, much of the Gossip was about running away; it was a recurring theme in the music“, declares Beth Ditto. “We survived. We started from scratch and made it from there. And to be here 20 years later and still making music together is simply incredible“.

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