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Artists Unite: Open Letter Sounds Alarm on AI’s Threat to Musical Integrity

Billie Eilish, R.E.M., Elvis Costello, Nicki Minaj, and More Signed the Statement from the Artist Rights Alliance

In a resounding call to preserve the integrity of artistic creation, a coalition of over 200 musicians, including luminaries such as Billie Eilish, R.E.M., and Jason Isbell, has penned an urgent open letter. Spearheaded by the Artist Rights Alliance (ARA), this missive serves as a powerful warning against the encroachment of artificial intelligence (AI) in music production.

The collective voice of artists like Aimee Mann, Camila Cabello, and Chuck D joins the chorus, demanding that AI developers, technology firms, and digital platforms refrain from exploiting AI to erode the rights and livelihoods of human creators.

At its core, the letter staunchly defends the essence of human creativity against the perils of technological overreach. It denounces the unauthorized use of artists’ works to train AI models and the insidious practice of AI-generated content that undermines fair compensation for musicians. For those already navigating the precarious terrain of the music industry, such actions could prove catastrophic.

With unwavering resolve, the ARA and its allies emphasize the imperative to halt this assault on artistic expression. They advocate for safeguards to shield artists from the predatory claws of AI, safeguarding their voices, rights, and the very ecosystem of music itself.

In the face of this existential threat to the soul of music, the rallying cry resounds: “The assault on human creativity must be stopped.” As custodians of culture, we must unite to defend the sanctity of artistic endeavor and ensure that the melody of human ingenuity continues to resonate, undiminished by the shadows of artificiality. Read the note in full here.

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