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Zedd Announces Long-Awaited Third Album “Telos” Set for August 30 Release

Celebrating Over Two Decades of Musical Innovation, Zedd Returns with "Telos"

Renowned DJ and producer Zedd has officially announced the release date for his highly anticipated third album, “Telos,” set to drop on August 30. This marks Zedd’s first full-length album since his 2015 release, “True Colors.” The announcement was made in spectacular fashion during his performance at EDC Las Vegas, where sky drones formed the message “Z3 8/30” as his hit track “Clarity” played.

Zedd, whose real name is Anton Zaslavski, has been a prominent figure in the electronic dance music scene since his debut album “Clarity” in 2012. Known for his signature ticking clock sound, Zedd has produced numerous chart-topping hits and performed at major music festivals around the world. His influence and contributions to both electronic and pop genres have made him a household name.

The upcoming album “Telos” takes its name from the Ancient Greek word τέλος, used by Aristotle to describe a final cause or purpose. This philosophical concept is fitting for an album that represents a culmination of Zedd’s artistic journey and evolution over the past nine years. Fans can expect a blend of his classic sound with fresh, innovative tracks that showcase his growth as an artist.

Zedd’s previous album, “True Colors,” featured collaborations with artists like Jon Bellion and Selena Gomez, producing hits such as “Beautiful Now” and “I Want You to Know.” Since then, Zedd has continued to release successful singles and tease unreleased tracks in his live sets, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next full-length project.

To stay updated on all things “Telos,” fans are encouraged to pre-save the album on their preferred streaming platforms and subscribe to Zedd’s official website for the latest news and updates. Mark your calendars for August 30 and get ready to experience the next chapter in Zedd’s remarkable career.

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