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Provocative Collaborators Unleashed: “Daddy” Brings Latin Power with Tokischa and Sexyy Red

A Wild Journey into the Freshness of Music that Transcends Boundaries

In their audacious collaboration, “Daddy,” Tokischa and Sexyy Red boldly assert their dominance over a carefree fusion of ballroom and dembow. The Dominican dembow sensation, Tokischa, and the rap dynamo from St. Louis, Sexyy Red, join forces atop a sludgy bassline and chintzy keys to deliver bratty bars about illicit substances and the art of juggling sugar babies. Tales of trickery unfold from an artist who genuinely embodies that lifestyle. The track is both silly and queer-friendly, featuring refurbished bars that explore the realms of getting high and indulging in kinkiness.

Despite its playful nature, “Daddy” lacks the signature one-liners that Tokischa and Sexyy Red are known for, with moments like Sexyy’s boast, “I’m a bad puta, drive chicos loco,” feeling somewhat novice in Spanish expression. The accompanying wacky music video adds a cute and provocative touch, likely to set the Internet ablaze. However, with “Daddy” marking Tokischa’s umpteenth collaborative single of the year, it raises questions about whether she might be better off channeling her energy into a full-length album rather than continuing with these prosthetic antics.

The single’s production, helmed by Yeti Beats and El Guincho, provides a compelling backdrop as the fearless provocateurs playfully bounce lyrics back and forth. Their offer is straightforward yet intriguing: “Have my baby, latina mami/Yo soy tu daddy.” The artwork for the record captures Sexyy Red as a companion to Tokischa’s disheveled persona, teasing a deeper exploration of their comical adventures in the upcoming music video set to premiere on December 7 at Booby Trap on the River in Miami.

To add to the playful promotion, Tokischa shared a screenshot of a FaceTime call with Sexyy Red, still in character, captioned with, “I’m calling u Sexual Roja. Wanna see ur T3t4sss.” The use of a tongue emoji perfectly encapsulates the raunchy essence of this collaboration, making it a bold and provocative addition to Tokischa’s repertoire.

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