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Rage Against The Machine: The Final Silence

Brad Wilk's Announcement Marks the End of an Era for the Iconic Band

If it seemed to you that Rage Against The Machine were finally back to stay, Brad Wilk is here to change your mind. After an initial breakup in 2000, eleven years of radio silence (between 2011 and 2022), the group’s reunion for the Public Service Announcement Tour, and Zach de la Rocha’s Achilles heel injury (which first forced him to sing seated for some tour dates and then led to its permanent cancellation), the journey of the group, composed among others by Tom Morello and Tim Commerford, seems to have definitively come to an end.

The announcement came yesterday in a post and stories on Wilk’s RATM drummer profile:

I know many are waiting for the announcement of new dates to replace all the concerts we had to cancel. I no longer want to give false hope to anyone, myself included: despite what you might have heard, Rage Against The Machine (Tim, Zack, Tom, and I) will not perform together anymore, neither on tour nor live. I am sincerely sorry for all those who believed in us wholeheartedly. My hopes were yours…

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