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Kaskade Returns to His Roots with REDUX 006

Embracing Minimalism and Soulful Vibes in Electronic Music

After a two-year hiatus, Kaskade is making a triumphant return with “REDUX.”

The electronic music sensation is revisiting his minimalist house origins, marking the sixth installment in his cherished REDUX EP series. This concept is designed to strip away the excesses of extravagant mainstage productions and recenter the focus on the music.

Kaskade’s dedicated fan base has eagerly awaited a new REDUX release, as he was primarily occupied with his record-breaking Kx5 tour throughout 2022. However, his transition back to more intimate, dancefloor-focused production has been seamless.

This seamless transition is evident in “Save Me,” the lead single from his upcoming seven-track EP. The track seamlessly blends soulful, reverberating vocals with hand drum-driven rhythms, creating a warm production that brings back the familiar essence of Kaskade’s iconic REDUX series.

REDUX 006 is set for release on October 27th, accompanied by the exciting news of four “REDUX” shows in Chicago, Irvine, Brooklyn, and Miami. You can listen to “Save Me” below and stream the new single here:

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