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Eminem’s Fortnite Takeover: A Virtual Concert Phenomenon

Tripling Twitch Views, Epic Skins, and a Musical Finale to Fortnite's OG Season

“Three million people connected to watch the live event, 147 thousand Twitch channels in livestream. Eminem‘s concert on Fortnite, one of the most famous online video games ever, was a success. The numbers, also due to the growth of the community itself, tripled compared to the memorable performance by Travis Scott, who in a sense inaugurated this connection between gaming and live music, and that of Ariana Grande. Eminem’s event marked the conclusion of Fortnite’s OG season and was preceded by the introduction of the rapper’s skins (Marshall Never More and Slim Shady) into the game.

The Detroit rapper was the musical guest of Bing Bang, appearing as an avatar in front of the millions of connected players. Similar to Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, who were on stage (as avatars) for 8 and 7 minutes respectively, Eminem’s performance was even shorter: only 3 minutes and a couple of songs.

Although the segment lasted for 11 minutes, Eminem’s avatar performed the studio version of only two songs, “Lose Yourself” (famous for being the soundtrack of the movie 8 Mile) and “Godzilla” (where the avatar of the late Juice WRLD also appeared).”

Enjoy the video:

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