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David Lynch and Chrystabell Announce New Album “Cellophane Memories” with Single “Sublime Eternal Love” and Video

Lynch Directs Dreamlike Music Video, Album Set to Release on August 2 via Sacred Bones Records.

David Lynch, the iconic filmmaker and cult favorite, has once again teamed up with longtime collaborator Chrystabell for a new musical venture. Their album “Cellophane Memories” is set to release on August 2 through Sacred Bones Records. The duo has also dropped a mesmerizing music video for the lead single “Sublime Eternal Love,” directed by Lynch himself, which you can watch on top.

Lynch and Chrystabell’s creative partnership dates back to her contributions to the soundtrack of Lynch’s 2006 film “Inland Empire.” Lynch produced Chrystabell’s debut album “This Train” and their collaborative 2017 EP “Somewhere in the Nowhere.” Chrystabell also starred as FBI agent Tammy Preston in Lynch’s 2017 revival of “Twin Peaks: The Return.” Reflecting on the new album, Chrystabell describes it as containing “many doors that are left open to wonder, wander and get turned around in,” adding, “It’s like mood music, not that it creates mood, but more that it reflects your own.”

The origin of “Cellophane Memories” is rooted in a vision Lynch experienced during a nighttime walk through a forest, where a bright light above the treetops transformed into the lilt of Chrystabell’s voice, revealing a secret to him. This ethereal convergence of light and sound continues to inspire their artistic collaboration.

The lead single “Sublime Eternal Love” is a floaty, halfway-to-ambient lullaby with strings that echo the haunting scores of Lynch’s late collaborator Angelo Badalamenti. The video, directed by Lynch, features a dreamlike montage of three different images of Chrystabell, capturing the essence of their musical and visual synergy.

Fans of Lynch’s work and his musical endeavors can look forward to the full album release on August 2. In the meantime, immerse yourself in the hypnotic world of “Sublime Eternal Love” and experience the unique blend of mood and mystery that defines Lynch and Chrystabell’s latest collaboration.

Check out the video for “Sublime Eternal Love” on top and the tracklist for “Cellophane Memories” below.

01 “She Knew”
02 “The Sky Falls”
03 “You Know The Rest”
04 “So Much Love”
05 “Two Lovers Kiss”
06 “The Answers To The Questions”
07 “With Small Animals”
08 “Reflections In A Blade
09 “Dance Of Light”
10 “Sublime Eternal Love”

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