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Ace Frehley Unveils New Album, Vowing to Make Kiss Seem Like ‘Fools’

Defying Discrediting Attempts, Sobriety for 17 Years, and the Power of 10,000 Volts in His Latest Solo Album

Ace Frehley, a founding member of Kiss and former lead guitarist of the band, didn’t mince words when discussing his relationship with former bandmates Paul and Gene (Stanley and Simmons, respectively). In a candid interview with Guitar World ahead of the release of his upcoming solo album on February 23, Frehley addressed the long-standing attempts by Paul and Gene to tarnish his reputation.

“For many years, Paul and Gene have tried to destroy my reputation, and we all know it. I feel sorry for them, but 10,000 Volts will make them look like fools. Kiss hasn’t released an album since 2012 (referring to the album Monster, and the band’s farewell concert in New York, note), while I’m still here, sober for 17 years, working on my sixth album post-departure from the band. I keep moving forward, and no one can stop me. Creating great music is the best way to respond to those who want to discredit you.”

Frehley expressed his frustrations with his former teammates, highlighting their tendency to discredit people, not just him. He speculated on their motivations, suggesting it might be a way for them to feel better or a result of their own insecurities.

“Recently, I was on YouTube and noticed that the video for 10,000 Volts had almost reached half a million views. Then I watched one of Kiss’s recent performances, and the numbers weren’t even close.”

Describing the tracks on his new album as reminiscent of Kiss’s 1976 album Rock and Roll Over, Frehley emphasized a rock sound with a strong pop undertone. “These songs leave no room for nonsense. There are no filler moments, and there’s no wasted space.”

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